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Residential Gutter Repair

With Like New Gutters specialists, you can rest assured that your gutters will be repaired to the highest standards. It doesn’t matter what the problem is; Like New Gutters has the know-how and experience to find a solution.

Repair gutters that have been damaged, sagging, or missing:

Protecting your home by keeping water away from it is one of the best ways to do it. Gutters have the function of collecting and directing rainwater away from your home. Your property is vulnerable to catastrophic harm if your gutters aren’t working properly. Residential gutter repair services are available throughout Summerville, Mount Pleasant, & Charleston.

It doesn’t matter if your gutters have been damaged by a recent storm or are just worn out from years of use. Like New Gutters repair experts will fully inspect your gutters and fix any problems they find. Even if you’re just experiencing a minor problem, it could lead to more extensive damage to the gutter and the sections of your home that are beneath it.


You can rely on the gutter specialists at Like New Gutters to keep water away from your property. We have become one of the most trusted gutter specialists in LowCountry because of our industry-leading customer service and attention to detail. In all states, we are completely licensed and insured to safeguard your house from the weather. If you have any questions or concerns about the gutters on your property, our team of gutter repair experts is here to help!

Like New Gutters offers a variety of gutter repair options, including the following:

  • Install new gutter hardware and tighten any that has come undone.
  • The process of re-tying down slack leads
  • Replacing corrupt or incompetent leaders
  • Conducting a pitch check on the system
  • Checking for leaks

The most common causes of damage to gutters are:

There are numerous ways that your gutters might be damaged because they are located on the roof of your home.

It is possible for your gutters to be damaged or to pull away from your home due to wind, rain, snow, ice, tree branches, leaves, and other debris. It’s easy to see if your gutters have been damaged if you pay attention to them during a downpour.

Gaps in the Roof

Sections of your gutters may begin to sag if water remains in them for an extended period of time. Your gutters and their fasteners are weakened by the additional weight of stagnant water. Don’t wait until it’s too late to correct these spots.

Gutters That Are Cracking Open

It is necessary to fix the seal if water is leaking from your gutters at the seams or in other places. These seams have the potential to expand and contract over time, eventually separating from one another. The foundation of your house might be damaged by even a small trickle.

Overflowing with water:

Your gutters will overflow if they are not properly pitched or clogged. Your roof and fascia board might be damaged by water that appears to be flowing away from your property, even if it appears to be coming from the opposite direction.

Downspouts that have been blocked

Your gutters and downspouts can become clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris over time. Detecting a blockage in your downspout might be a challenge. To find the problem, you’ll need more than a ladder and you’ll have to observe some of the signs mentioned before.

Brackets that are loose or missing

The brackets and fasteners that hold your gutter to your home might also be affected by the weather and temperature variations. Other parts of your gutter may fail if these brackets are missing or no longer hold up.

Dams made of ice

Ice dams can form if your gutters aren’t correctly pitched or empty during the winter. When ice dams form and extend past the gutter edges, your roof and walls take on an enormous amount of weight, putting your house at risk of structural damage.

Faulty Fascia

When exposed to the outdoors, all wood will eventually rot. Fasteners that hold your gutters to your house may be corroding if your house is older or has had previous damage from clogged gutters or other causes.

Gutter Leak Repair or Installation:

Repairing a gutter leak can be done using sealant or a fiberglass coating system if the gutter is made of metal. If the gutter is beyond repair, we will provide a quote to replace it.

A simple unblocking may not be enough to make sure that gutters work properly after they’ve been damaged.

When gutters aren’t fixed, water can seep into a building’s exterior instead of draining out, resulting in water damage.

You may then discover that your plaster, paint, or wallpaper has been damaged by unsightly damp patches. Gutter leaks can cause corrosion in window frames and damage to the exterior of the home’s walls.

The best thing to do is to have the gutter fixed as soon as possible to avoid more damage or having to replace the gutter entirely.

We fully inspect ever gutter for repair:

We do a full inspection of your gutters, looking for problems and pointing them out. Re-sealing and re-attaching the gutter is one way we fix damage or weak spots.

Prevent property damage by maintaining the condition of your gutters. Contact us today for a free estimate. Our costs are really reasonable, and you’ll be pleased with the results.

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